3 Types of Video Production Services Your Company Needs

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Video Production Services Can Provide Your Company with the Competitive Edge

Video remains the most prevalent media medium, and perhaps even the most adaptable. As a modern business vying for business in a competitive economy, you need to be entirely aware of the distinctive varieties of video production services available, so as to ensure you’re able to harness it to its full potential. If you aren’t using this incredible medium to its full potential, you can be sure that your competitors are.

With so many different types of videos available, how do you know which type of video to produce? Chances are, your business isn’t suited to every type of video available. Instead, it’ll be a unique combination of different video treatments that will help your business stand out in a crowded marketplace. Here are three types of videos your company needs.

#1 Marketing

Marketing videos are used to advertise a service or product, for the express use of selling it. This video usually presents a need or problem, which can be solved using your company’s solution. A marketing video is often used to expand on the features of a product, and then present these features as a benefit.

Many times, these videos also entail endorsements from satisfied clients, and can be used for:

• Marketing collateral for prospective customers;
• The company’s product pages on its website; and
• On the business’s LinkedIn and YouTube pages, showcasing its products.

#2 Induction

Induction videos are popular for small to medium and even larger companies. They’re used to welcome new staff to the company. It’s a great way to introduce new staff members to the company, properly familiarise them and help to bring their actions in line with the business’s brand.

These videos are used by:

• The HR department to help induct new employees;
• Answer frequently asked questions new employees have about the company.

#3 Content Marketing

Content marketing videos are used to establish your company’s expertise, and builds thought leadership. It also attracts likeminded people, connections and followers across your social media channels. Video plays an integral part in modern content marketing strategies, regardless of the size or scope of your business.

These videos can be utilised for generating leads, as well as for:

• Supplementary sales material;
• Your business’s YouTube channel; and
• Embedded on a blog article as a way of supplementing content.

Choose Totality Creative for Video Content Creation Services

Content remains king in this fast paced internet age. High quality and shareable content remains in demand, and can be the difference between standing shoulder to shoulder with your biggest competition, or losing valuable market share to competitors.

Contact us to learn more about our expert video production services, and for advice and insight into using this powerful tool to your business’s best benefit. We look forward to hearing from you.