A 3D Animation Designer Will Help You Add New Dimensions to Your Marketing

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Augment Your Marketing Strategy with a Talented 3D Animation Designer

Video marketing continues its phenomenal growth, and it is complementing content marketing in ways few would’ve predicted it would a few years ago. If you need proof of this, consider this incredible stat: The Internet Retailer determined that users who view a video about a product or service are 85% likelier to purchase that product or service, than users who don’t.

85% likelier to purchase a product? Best get those cameras rolling. But hold on a second. You really don’t have to venture too far, if you end up marrying your service or product with the power of 3D animation. A gifted 3D animator or designer can create just about any type of animation, from explanatory to technical or character. They can even add animation to actor-driven video, if that’s what you’re after.

Videos produced by experts, which are then optimised for eCommerce outdo user-generated video by far, which is just another reason in support of including video in your marketing strategy as well. When you combine video and 3D animation, your Google rankings will love you for it, according to comScore.

3D Animation Can Help You Win Your Users’ Trust

Actually having the chance to view a service or product in a video makes users trust the eCommerce retailer more. It really is the next best thing to being able to hold the product and inspect it in person. Being able to emphasise the unique selling points of the product or service in action, or see the service actually performed rather than merely reading about it may be the difference between converting the prospect or losing out to your competitor.

Animation and video are also fantastic ways to help you attract and retain inbound traffic to a site. For those with outbound email campaigns, why not send an email with an animated call to action? Studies show people are likelier to visit the CTA than when you don’t include a video. It also succeeds when the word “video” is included in email subject lines. Online users simply love their videos.

3D animators and designers can help breathe life into your products, and make them come alive on screen. In a world where people demand more from service providers, and want to know what they’re buying before concluding a sale, 3D animation is the next best thing to giving your consumers a chance to see exactly what they’re getting. Contact us to learn more about adding 3D animation and video to your marketing strategy. We look forward to helping you wield the full power of these amazing resources in your marketing plan.