3 Types of Video Content Perfectly Suited for Each Stage of the Customer Journey

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Support Your Customer’s Journey with These 3 Types of Video Content

Every marketer and business owner knows: few people buy on a first look. Way before they’re willing to take money out of their pockets, consumers are searching for a solution to a problem. Once they become aware of a thing that might solve that problem, they spend time considering which solution is best.

Finally, the consumer has to choose wisely among providers that offer solutions to the same problem, but in a faster, better and cost effective way. So how do you create engaging video content to boost each step of your customer’s journey, and help guide prospective customers through your sales funnel?

Video content remains a powerful tool, especially when it comes to explaining more complex concepts and ideas. Videos have also proven to be fantastic for audience retention, increasing purchase intent by 97%. Aside from all this, video content is also great for sharing content on your preferred social media networks.

Harness the Power of Video Content In Your Digital Marketing

Keep in mind that a single video won’t suit each stage of your sales funnel. There are different types of video content best suited for different stages of the buyer’s journey. Let’s take a look at the different types of videos that can support each.

#1 Educational Videos

Once people realise they have a problem, they’ll start searching for a way to solve it. However, many times they’re unaware of the type of product, service or item they need. Thus, they’re still in the “awareness” stage of the sales funnel.

Educational videos are the ideal type of video content, as it covers the top part of the funnel. They’re not blatant promotional videos, but instead reveal useful and valuable information to your audience, helping them understand how their issue can be resolved in an informative way.

#2 Explainer Videos for Middle of Funnel

Once your prospect becomes aware of the possible solutions to their issue, they become ready to consider their options. This stage requires you to become clearer on what you’re selling, while at the same time showcasing your brand in a super engaging way. People need to become aware and understand how your brand or product can augment their lifestyle.

#3 Testimonials and Demos

After your potential customer has learned all about his problem, and how your product or brand can solve it, he needs confidence in placing his trust in you. This is the time they’re ready to make a decision, but you have to convince them you’re better than your competition.

A demo video is the perfect type of video content for the final stage of your sales funnel. Here you can show your customer what their life will be like if they embrace your solution. It’s a deal closer, and when used correctly can be incredibly powerful to your business.

Confused as to the intricacies of video content and marketing? Don’t be. We’re ready to help you produce expert videos that are worthy of your brand. Contact Totality Creative to discuss your video content needs in greater detail, and for all the assistance needed to make informed decisions regarding your video needs.