Why We Believe the Mavic Pro Is One of the Best Drones for Filming

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Portability remains one of the hottest factors in drones right now. Unfortunately, as we’ve seen all too often be the case, portability frequently means fewer features and abilities. But luckily for those looking at one of the the best drones for filming, the DJI Mavic Pro is standing up to this cliché in a major way.

DJI has truly outdone themselves with this drone, delivering a powerful yet compact drone that’s quite simply one of the best drones for filming available today. Despite the fact that the Mavic Pro is extremely compact and portable, it still comes with all the incredible features you’ll find in DJI’s flagship drone, the Phantom 4. If you’re impressed, you very well should be. It is because of this drones impressive range of features, that the team at Totality decided it was the best option. We’re not disappointed and this little device now forms an integral part of the video and stills production arsenal.

Harness The Power of the World’s Best Drones for Filming

All you need to do is to check out Mavic Pro’s spec sheet to realise just what a powerful drone you’re dealing with. It’s got obstacle avoidance sensors, a gimbal stabilised 4k camera, indoor positioning system, an incredible range of autonomous flight modes and some of the best battery life and range specs available in drones right now.

Aside from a 26-minute flight time, one of the Mavic Pro’s standout features has to be DJI’s new acu sync video transmission technology. This stretches the drone’s maximum range and provides a live HD video feed from the camera, from up to six kilometres away. However, that’s just on paper. Real world range varies depending on aspects such as the terrain it’s flying over.

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Another aspect worth noting is the Mavic Pro’s broad sweep of intelligent flying modes. It can orbit around you, follow you, or fly along a pre-determined path. The drone can even recognise gestures, while responding to changing terrains.

Regardless of the type of shot required, the Mavic Pro can probably make it happen, and do so in a phenomenal way. All things considered, we’re definitely of the opinion that the Mavic Pro is one of the best drones DJI ever made. The fact that it’s portable is merely icing on the cake. For cutting edge video production, the Mavic Pro remains one of the best drones for filming right now.