Why We Are Crazy About Drone Cinematography

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Drone cameras were a game changer in the videography industry. However, it’s the resulting drone cinematography art that continues to raise the stakes with drone videography. Drone cinematography has evolved to become a powerful device that, when used well, can revolutionise the modern advertising and marketing video production. This is just one of the many reasons why we’re crazy about drone cinematography.

Aerial video capture is hot right now, and drones are hugely popular for achieving stunning shots. The gear and type of drone used in your video production is important, but a skilled drone cinematographer will ultimately take your video production to the next level.

Yes, having a bigger drone that can lift bigger cameras can be wonderful, as you have a bigger camera with better lens, resolution and dynamic range. But bigger rigs can also have its drawbacks.

Get The Best Drone You Can, then Use Drone Cinematography To Its Full Benefit

This is not to say that you shouldn’t upgrade and develop your drone and camera kit. But equipment shouldn’t be what’s limiting you of creating beautiful aerial videos right now. Working with the best drones you can get your hands on is definitely recommended, as it all works together to help produce the best end product.

We’ve compiled a few tips we strongly believe in following when looking to use drone cinematography to its best use. Here are only a few:

• Scout the location, pick a subject and keep things smooth and simple;
• Rehearse, be ready, decide how high you’ll go and use foreground elements in shots;
• Look for balance and symmetry, use unusual perspectives, light and speed and movement to keep things interesting;
• Location, location, location.

We bring decades of combined experience in state of the art drone cinematography. Let us help you use drone videography to its full potential in your advertising and marketing collateral.