How Drone Photography Can Take Your Marketing to New Heights – Literally

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Learn How Drone Photography Can Catapult Your Marketing to New Heights

These days, drones can be found just about everywhere. Chances are if you haven’t seen one flying overhead, you’ve heard someone talking about them. These drones are sometimes operated by amateurs experimenting with exciting new technologies, but more and more, companies are harnessing the power of the new perspectives provided by drone photography.

Drones are unmanned aviation vehicles, capable of flying hundreds of meters above the ground. An operator nearby controls a drone, and dependent on the model and size of the done, it can handle a great variety of altitudes and distances. However, when you equip it with a high quality camera, these drones suddenly become far more valuable.

Drones with camera mounts are able to capture stunning aerial images of landscapes and cityscapes, providing a first-person view that’s otherwise only achievable in a manned aircraft, which is costly an requires a lot of planning. What’s more, drones can excel in a range of different conditions that would be potentially difficult and expensive for people to achieve and operate in.

How Drone Photography Benefits Your Company

The autonomy of movement achieved with drones makes shooting captivating images easier than ever. These pictures would’ve needed to be captured by helicopter, or other manned aerial vehicles, significantly spiking up product costs and budgets. Now, drone photography is hitting the mainstream, and rising in popularity due to the many advantages it offers, including:

• Shaving off a significant amount from production budgets, compared to conventional photography;
• Setting your business apart as a leader that chooses to stay on top of the very latest technologies;
• Allowing prospects to see detailed, top-down views of large products or properties;

Plus, video content is the future of online marketing. You can’t go wrong with this strategy. However, with 500 million hours of videos watched on YouTube each day, yours needs to stand out from the crowd to get noticed.

Industries That Love Drone Photography

Since drone photography has taken off so quickly, many industries and businesses have jumped on the chance to incorporate it into their marketing endeavours. As it stands, some of the industries doing amazing things with drone photography include:

• Aviation and film;
• Travel and tourism;
• Wedding photography;
• Construction and architecture; and
• Property management and real estate, among others.

We offer professional drone photography to take your marketing to new heights. Tap into this incredible technology and separate yourself from the crowded digital marketplace. Contact us for all the information you need to make an informed decision regarding the use of drone photography in your business.