How Animation Services Can Help Your Content Marketing Endeavours

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Complement Your Content Marketing with Professional Animation Services

Any content marketer knows that in order to write content that converts interested leads into paying clients, you have to incorporate a story. It makes your content relatable, gets to the point and meets your audience where they are. Professionally executed animation is powerful, whether leveraged to rake in cash at the box office, selling more cereal or getting a public service announcement across, it breathes life into your story.

Many people see animation as something that’s limited to YouTube or TV. But why can’t it live on your website? Why can’t it live in your business’s social media channels? The answer is simple: it can. Let’s take a look at a few reasons why you should be using animation in your content marketing, and how it can complement your marketing strategy.

Animation Services Delivers Entertainment and Memorability

Can you think of anything more effective than delivering information both visually and aurally? If you need to talk for a few minutes about a specific topic, service or product, using appropriately designed animation as a tool to explain it insures information retention and most likely, viewer retention till the end of the animation where more often than not, a CTA is used to encourage viewer engagement with the brand. More, your content suddenly becomes highly engaging and not to mention memorable and entertaining.

Even if you don’t want a voice at all, a picture is still worth a thousand words. What, then, is an animated sequence worth? Look at this short video which explains explainer videos as an example of the value.

Nothing says professionalism more than an animated video that smashes it through the roof giving your viewers a little moment, known as the “WOW” factor. It can be the thing that sets your business apart in a very crowded marketplace, and makes it clear to your clients and competitors that you mean business.

Choose Totality Creative for any of Animation Requirements

We’ve worked hard to become one of the preferred providers of animation services in South Africa. Throughout the years, we’ve worked with companies across the economic spectrum. Let us breathe life into your brand with engaging animation content and solutions. Contact us to learn more about what we do, and how we can help you take your brand into the future. We look forward to hearing from you.