Why We Recommend Using A Drone for Your Next Video Production

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The use of compact drones in video production has become more than a mere trend, but the norm all over the world. What’s all the buzz around these unmanned aerial vehicles about, and why should your video production division be interested in this relatively new technology?

The best way to illustrate the importance of a drone for your video production, is to outline a few advantages of using drones in marketing, commercial or general content video production. Let’s take a look why it’s beneficial to your business to use drones in its video production.

Time Is Money

In the not so distant past, in order to achieve aerial footage, helicopters were predominantly utilised due to their greater versatility over a fixed winged plane. However, you still needed a lot of time to book and arrange these, and it required a rather substantial budget.

Using drones, you can be up and flying in around 5 minutes, assuming all risk assessments and site surveys are completed. Also, should the weather turn during the day, you can simply land the drone, and wait for the next window of opportunity. You didn’t just blow your entire video production budget on a bad shoot.

A Drone Offers Incredible Versatility

Due to their size, drones are able to fly into areas once impossible to reach. They can fly from a mere few centimetres off the ground, to hundreds of feet in the air, capturing new perspectives while delivering exciting opportunities for visually appealing shots.

Shooting in 4K offers the benefit of additional control in post-production when it comes to editing, as the editor can easily zoom in on footage, affect slight camera pans and implement zooming effects without compromising image quality. Put simply, if you weren’t able to get the perfect shot while airborne, you now have a chance to get the shot in post-production.

Compact Drones Make Interior Shots A Breeze

Using compact drones also allows for the possibility of flying through doorways and windows, achieving beautiful interior shots without the use of expensive equipment. Compact drones flying at eye level can double up as a Steadicam, making it possible for the pilot to fly closely behind a subject without the expected stumbles or bumps that at times accompany a handheld camera.

Drones have the intrinsic capability to rotate on the same spot, while independently moving up and down or left and right, all at the touch of the pilot’s command. This is done while the camera operates in complete autonomy, ensuring the subject remains in the centre of the frame to get the perfect shot.

These are only a few of the many reasons why more and more companies are insisting on using compact drones during their video production. At Totality Creative, we remain committed to making available the latest technologies to our clients, and creating truly inspiring videos to help make our customers’ brands shine.