Top 3 Marketing Video Production Businesses Mistakes, And How To Fix Them

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We all make mistakes, right? There’s no harm in failing, as long as we learn from the mistakes and try to never repeat them again. Marketing video production is fast becoming mainstream for businesses, as more and more content being shared online is videos. So we thought we’d delve into the top three mistakes companies tend to make when producing marketing videos, and solutions to these issues.

Top 3 Marketing Video Production Businesses Mistakes

#1 Too Much Tech Jargon

It’s far, far too tempting to look and sound smart. After all, you want to come across as informed and an industry expert in your field, right? The only problem is it can make your audience and viewers feel dumb and ill-informed.

Solution: Understand where your customers are in their buying journey, and script your videos on their level. If there is a need for technical terms to describe something, always make sure and explain what it is in laymen’s terms.

#2 Boring/h2>

Ever noticed how many thousands of shares a boring marketing video got? Neither did we. Take television and movies, the action scenes are short shots with quick cuts help enhance the pace of the action and to get your heart pumping. The camera hardly ever hangs on one thing for too long. Web video is no different!

Solution: There isn’t any hard and fast rule as to how long your shots should be. Use your gut to tell you if it’s getting boring. Never let a shot get too long without cutting to a close up, supporting graphics or photos, or a scene change.

#3 No Call To Action/h2>

You just spent thousands on your marketing video production, and you’re getting thousands of views and shares. Happy days, right? But nothing’s selling! Chances are, you didn’t give the viewer something to do during, or after the video is complete.


You’ve hooked your audience with your information! Now ask them for something specific, like call this number or Like us on our social media channels, share this video, subscribe here, etc.

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